Lake Lucille, nestled in an arm of the Middle Mountains.
President - Judy A
Vice President - Matt Musikar 
Treasurer - Jonathan Arras 
Secretary - Kathleen Brennan

Jack Jacobs
Ed Klass
Brad Winer
Steve Murphy
Carol Kaney
Rik Paul
Danny Petrow
Juli Schaefer

Committees & L
Wildlife  Committee - Judy Andersen
Health of the Water Committee - Juli Schaefer
Well Committee - Rik Paul
Maintenance Committee - Brad Winer
Activity Committee

2016 Board Meetings

Our Neighborhood -----Happy Spring Everyone!----

Children must be accompanied by a responsible person when using the lake facilities.

Pets shall not be allowed to run at-large. Owners are responsible for ensuring that their pets are leashed or otherwise kept under control. No pet are allowed at the beach.

Please consider your neighbors and don't use power tools before 10:00am on weekends.

There is no parking on bridge or Lake and Shore roads.

Important Info
LLPOA Event Request Form
---Guidelines for Outside Events

Have lake photos? Send them. We will be periodically changing the display. Must be large photos.

Community Events
Halloween 2014
Many thanks to Barbara for making a good time for all
Fishing Derby 2015
Thank you Robert Collazo and daughter Eden. Special thanks to Melanie for manning the grill.
Beach Party 2015
Thank you all who put their time and effort in making the day great.
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The History of Lake Lucille
Updated April 2005. Keep checking back. There will additions and corrections from time to time. Our lake's history is in a constant state of revision, there are more tales to be told, and our historian, Ed Jeffs, is trying to grab them before they are lost.

Lake Lucille and Vicinity Map
Lakeside Community's Namesake -
By Julienne Marshall - Journal News March 7, 2003

Historic Brochure - Back in the early 1900's